Fashion & Design have always been drivers of the “Made in Italy” label and could give a big boost to the recovery of the Italian economy.

In fact, according to the ISTAT data processed by the Intesa Sanpaolo Directorate of studies and research, in 2014 the sales revenues of the fashion and design sector have already given strong signs of recovery with an increase of 2.9% over the previous year and a turnover growth of just under 3% thanks to the contribution of the foreign component.

From furniture to textile, from clothing to appliances, 2014 was a positive year overall but the clothing, eyewear and furnishing industries were the ones achieving the best results. There was a slight decline in the sales revenues of the jewellery and leather industries which had the best performance in 2013.
Furthermore, according to the US Census Bureau data, American imports of Fashion & Design from Italy grew by 9.6%, 4% more than the leading competitors.

The importance of new technologies is proving to be crucial for growth and Italian Fashion & Design companies appear well positioned to seize these opportunities.

The infographic of the Sole24ore newspaper shows a summary of the sector data.