From India to the United Kingdom via Italy – MIP Politecnico di Milano, to be precise. It was this journey that took Mayur Saxena, a former MIP MBA student, from his home country to the job of his dreams at Amazon UK.

It’s a feat that Saxena is unlikely to have pulled off had he not attended the Milanese business school, for it was at MIP that the Indian student was able to meet senior figures from one of the biggest companies in the world.

Luck? Anything but. Every year, the online retail giant – along with many other leading names from the prestigious Fortune 500 list – headhunts and hires the best MIP students to work for them, with the objective of helping them develop and transforming them into the leaders of tomorrow.

This was exactly what happened to Saxena, who won a place on the Amazon Pathways Programme. The development scheme allows budding talents to complete a breakneck transformation from Frontline Leader to Operation Manager in the space of just 36 months.

The aim of the programme is to provide the best possible training to the managers of the future, making them start from the bottom. And thanks to this bottom-up approach, when it’s time to manage a new cohort of Frontline Leaders, these talents will have all the tools they need to truly understand the operational dynamics of the business, working within an optimised management mechanism which leaves no area untouched.

It means that the Milanese business school once again confirms its status as a conveyor belt of talent, a launch pad whose Master’s programmes provides professional training focused on ensuring success in the world of business – just ask Saxena.

The numbers speak for themselves: thanks to MIP’s work in promoting the employment of MBA graduates, our alumni employment rate is nearing perfection. Take the figures from last year, for example: MIP held 25 business seminars within nine events dedicated to recruiting. The students involved were able to meet and chat with over 280 leading global names from the Fortune 500 list.

But that’s not all. The employment percentages themselves are even more astonishing: a full 96% of MIP students go on to sign an employment contract within six months of graduating, with over 50% of these opportunities stemming from the links created by MIP between students and international companies.

Deciding to study for an MBA at MIP means combining business, technology and new economy. It’s a winning combination capable of flinging open the doors to success for anyone wishing to kickstart a career in the hi-tech sector.

It’s no wonder that Saxena was so keen to study for an MBA at MIP. MIP is renowned for its small class sizes, highly qualified teaching staff, cross-discipline study plans and international outlook.

These are some of MIP’s secrets for developing the leaders of the future.


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