Try to figure out roughly 50 people coming from different parts of the world, from different cities, with different ways of life, different jobs and life experiences, different perspectives and ambitions, dressing casual or business, with just one thing in common: putting themselves on the line and taking the challenge to bet on an International MBA at MIP.

That’s what I was thinking while I was travelling from Rome to Milan for the kick-off day of my MBA. I was on the train and I remember how excited I was at the idea of joining this tough yet life-changing adventure, ready to question myself on my preconceptions, to review my skills and gain new ones, eager to learn the business side of what I currently do as research fellow in international politics through a new, interactive and pragmatic way. And finally, I was very curious about my future fellows, my future colleagues and, hopefully, my future friends.

No one knew each other, and as soon as I walked into the main room for the kick-off ceremony, the first impression has been a mix of unforgettable feelings. You could perceive the passion in each one of us, the energy to do our best during the years ahead of us. But there is one thing, among the others, I remember most: our smiles, our laughs during the ice-breaking activity… yes, in a couple of minutes we all agree – as a great team – to organize a short (or long… yes, hopefully a long one…) trip to Las Vegas after the end of the master… not a bad start, don’t you think?!

It is just the beginning but for sure we are proud of being part of this MBA. It is not just a master – and I have never thought that it was – but at MIP, in Milan, I can say I have had my final confirmation from the very first day.