Where do you live now?
London, UK

What’s your job?
Account Manager at PR firm specialising in the financial services industry.

What’s your main skill you worked on or you enhanced within your MBA experience?
Project management and listening. I also was able to sharpen hard skills with accounting and finance courses.

What did you learn from the Italian environment?
Passion. Being in Italy taught me that being passionate about what you do will help you to succeed.

Italians are quick to see beauty and passion in everything and adopting this attitude has opened my eyes to new opportunities and innovations in my work.

What is the vision of the future regarding your career?
I am constantly searching for new opportunities to learn and to grow as I advance in my career. MIP opened my eyes to what my capabilities truly are and gave me confidence to go after what I wanted.

I’ll admit, I loved living and working in Milan and would welcome the chance to have that experience again.

What do you suggest to people thinking about attending a masters program like this?
I would say to the person looking to do an international MBA that they have to be sure that this is what they want to do.

This MBA was a life changing experience. You need to be ready to be shaken up and battered down so that you can become better than who you were before. I am so happy I made this choice and I encourage others to do the same.

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