Dear Giosuè, congratulations you are in the Moncler team! On 30th September all I always wanted was just there. One of the most important projects in my MBA was about to start.

This project starts in conjunction with the second term and ends in January. It is about four months of teamwork where the team is supervised by a tutor of MIP and of course a representative of the company where the project takes place. Ok! I told you the end of the story already. Now let’s take a step back, even before the September 30th.

One of the advantages offered by the MBA at MIP is to have a dedicated Career Service Department available, ready to listen, guide you and take away all your doubts. I vividly remember my first meeting at the very beginning of the program, where I expressed my wishes to completely change my working life: from advertising to the world of luxury. Quite challenging!

The purpose of this project is just that: to give you the chance to taste what you would do after the MBA, putting you directly in contact with the main corporate players. I would say that it is one of first doors that opens to the future and may also allow you to trigger a new passion!



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