The first week at a new job. Whether it’s an internship or the beginning of a new phase in your working life, all the attention is on you.

Nobody is expecting you to be already perfectly in sync with the company or up to date with ongoing projects, but some aspects of your conduct are certain not to go unobserved. Indeed, they could be crucial to you being offered a job in the future or giving your career a boost.

During your first few days in a new company, it is fundamental that you make a positive impression on your superiors, gaining their respect and earning an important place within the company.

Here are five precious pieces of advice for new arrivals. Put them into practice and you’ll be sure to leave a mark and make an excellent first impression!

1. Get to know people

First day at work? Break the ice with your new colleagues, walk round the office and introduce yourself to people, explaining what you’ll be working on and asking others what their roles and skills are. Take opportunities to socialise by having lunch in the communal area and use coffee breaks to get to know people and interact. It’s not just about being open and friendly: getting to know people – and having other people get to know you – will make it easier for you to get information you need and understand internal processes and rules as quickly as possible.

2. Be a team player

If you implemented our first piece of advice well, you should now be able to rely on a solid network and a tight-knit team. Focus on teamwork and draw on the contributions of others to obtain better results. Concentrate on problem solving and use the support of colleagues from your own department and others.

3. Surpass expectations

During your first few days at a new company, it’s only normal that you are unsure of how to conduct yourself, so it’s important that you complete tasks assigned to you with precision. However, if you want to catch the eye, do not limit yourself to simply fulfilling assignments, but push yourself to go further: ask the right questions, suggest new ideas – even where these are not requested – and ask for extra work. Show yourself to be passionate and proactive by bringing innovative solutions to the table – this will make you sure to be noticed.

4. Immerse yourself in the company culture

Immediately figure out what the company vision is and which areas you need to excel in to advance in your career. This will help you to organise your day-to-day working schedule.
Ensure that you are in sync with the company’s long-term objectives and strive to meet – and exceed – the required standards. Work hard to hit performance indicator targets as it is these that will be taken into consideration when deciding on who to hire or promote.

5. Think like a future leader

Don’t focus on the end on your contract. Even if your internship is scheduled to come to an end soon, adopt a future-oriented approach in your work. Question yourself and the company you’re working for every day. Ask yourself what the strengths and weaknesses are and work hard to improve the current situation. Put forward ideas and suggestions capable of giving the business a boost, even if these do not fall within your area of expertise.