Today Pradeep Bhat works in business analytics at IBM. After a degree in mechanical engineering, he started working at Infosys, the second largest Indian software exporter. Following his choice of perfecting his technical and business skills, he chose to attend an MBA at MIP Politecnico di Milano.

The course in big data analytics during his MBA at MIP paved the way to his current position at IBM: business analytics.

Although the company has been a consolidated reality for decades, with a defined and performing business model, he says he is willing to bet on technology and on big data, where he sees a huge potential, and says he is enthusiastic to be participating in this new era of computer systems from the very beginning. Then again, McKinsey & Co reveal that the field of analytics will create about 1.5 million jobs in 2018.

In an interview with Business Because, the network collecting the experiences of people who are attending, attended or will attend an MBA program, Pradeep Bhat recounts his educational experience, focusing on the reasons that led him to attend an MBA program, and in particular one offered by MIP. A great inspiration for a growing leader!

Why did you decide to begin an MBA at MIP?

After working with one of the top IT consulting firms for almost four years, it was time for me to dig deeper into the functional side of my profession. An MBA was the perfect way to transform my career with a blend of business skills and technical capabilities.

The scholarships and extra-curricular opportunities offered by MIP also influenced my decision.

What are the key benefits of the MBA?

I was able to analyse business concepts while keeping my prior professional background in mind.

This approach helped me get in touch with many engineering-based companies, and finally landed me project work at IBM. Additionally, I believe the MBA will give me an added advantage when I shift gears and take up more responsibility in future.

What value do you place on international study experiences and engagement with international students?

As one of my professors used to say: “International education is not just an option, but a must if you aspire to do something breath-taking.”

An international experience provides a fresh view of the outer world, pushing you to think outside of the box, and helps you to explore new possibilities and opportunities.

International education is an experience in itself, an opportunity to refresh one’s thoughts and make one creative and innovative.

In addition to the MBA, you’ve applied to a specialist master in business analytics at Arizona State. What will the master add to your skill-set that an MBA hasn’t already?

I see business analytics as a specialization [compared] to my MBA. To take advantage of this specialized course, it was necessary to be familiar with both [the] technical and functional sides of business, [which I got from the MBA].

Business analytics is evolving, and is expected to grow at a very rapid pace. I will be prepared to ride the wave.

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