Who said that doing an MBA is just an opportunity for professional growth?

Well of course, the courses, seminars and workshops — which make up a dense and comprehensive teaching programme — give every student the tools to boost their career.

But the fantastic opportunities for professional growth and development in the world of business, are only some of the aspects which make an MBA such a rich and stimulating experience.

Participating in an MBA course actually means growing as a person, thanks to constructive experiences and events — both inside and outside the classroom.
In fact, during an informal and relaxing event, organised by MIP in one of the most glamourous clubs in Milan, students had the chance to speak to each other and share some of their reflections, reinterpreting business conventions.

What we have learnt at MIP can be transformed into sustainable measures to help the community.

Social responsibility is really at the centre of debate, and student opinions paint a very colourful picture.

Marco, an Italian student, talks about the fact that during his MBA, he understood the importance of three fundamental values. Innovation, at the base of every process; ethics, which comes through transparency and honesty; and people, the beating heart of every organisation. These are three pillars which make up the foundation of management and sustainability, and are indispensable in order to compete in the modern market.

Carla, from Argentina, found that during her MBA, her prospects were completely turned upside down and her future objectives changed completely: she entered the classroom with a desire to finish her training and emerge as a professional; during her time at MIP she really understood the importance of making her skills available to the community, seeing it as a win-win situation.

For Elena, a Bulgarian student, a successful organisation must have an open-minded vision. This opinion has solid foundations, which she has built through numerous experiences. In fact, Elena sees herself as a citizen of the world; she has lived in six different countries and has had first-hand experience of the value of diversity. Her aim? To bring to a company her sensitivity towards cultural diversity, which in itself is a competitive lever that can make all the difference.

Every story, an emotion. Every student, a promise.

Discover them all and get inspired by watching the whole video.