Milan – here I come! This must be echoing on and on in the minds of our incoming master students and we can’t wait to receive them at our campus this Fall.

It’s time to kick-start the 2017 editions of the masters in big data/business analytics, luxury management, multichannel marketing, industrial management, project management, supply chain & purchasing and innovation & entrepreneurship – 7 of our single, double and triple degree programs.

Our new students come from over 65 countries and are going to join an even more diverse and international community of faculty, staff, researchers and alumni.

We are all set to welcome the new classes with vigor and excitement and we endeavor to make the first few weeks full of informative but also fun-filled activities. The first days will include a host of events – the kick-off day, welcome aperitivos, program presentation by directors and informational seminars by staff members followed by regular classes and company-based activities.

During these first days, the most important supporters in your journey (the program directors, program coordinators and members of the International Students Office) will stand by you to help with all the academic, extra-curricular and practical issues.

On top of that, you will also get to meet existing students who are often more than happy to help you explore partying joints, pig out spots and other fun places in this vibrant city of Milan. Whether you are an arts lover, adventure freak or just a regular party person, you will always find a place to check out and a buddy to hang-out with.

We promise an amazing start but also a hectic one as the initial days are full of procedural formalities, mingling activities and get-togethers. In all this hustle and bustle, we advise you to stay balanced using our top 3 mantras:

  1. Study hard, Party hard: Give the highest priority to studies and your core academic responsibilities – parties would be more fun with good grades in hand right!
  2. Stay fit and healthy: Your physical self can be under a lot stress due to change in your surroundings, which is common when starting studies abroad. Don’t underestimate the importance of eating healthy and taking an ample amount of rest.
  3. Beat the culture shock: Getting baffled by the 360-degree change around you is a given when studying abroad. So what is the best way to deal with it? Go with the flow! – get involved as much as you can with local traditions and embrace cultural differences with an open mind.

Each of our master program is unique and so are the students that join it. We are eager to meet each one of them personally and to help them through this professional and personal journey.

We endeavor to make their experience at MIP an unforgettable one and one that leads them to immense successes in the future.

Welcome to MIP!