It’s just 1 month until you join MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business in Milan to start your MBA journey, an intense life experience that will enrich you not only as a professional but also as a human being.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on the 20th of October at our campus in Milan for the kick-off ceremony! Induction gives you the opportunity to find out more about the school and to start breaking the ice with your classmates and building the spirit of the class. From day 2, your MBA will start officially with the first core course of Financial Accounting held by Prof. Davide Chiaroni.

In November the International Week at EADA will represent the milestone of your MBA journey; together you will be doing teambuilding activities designed to help you set expectations of how you will collaborate and work together in the framework of the beautiful EADA Campus in Collbatò. The courses held at EADA will allow you to enter in contact with the international faculty of our partner business school. Enjoy the classes and the thriving city of Barcelona as much as possible! It will be an incredible opportunity to bond with your classmates and an unforgettable experience!

But, before setting off for your journey, here are a few tips to get yourself ready:

  1. Talk to your families and friends: they will be inevitably in this journey with you and they will be your strongest supporters. They will be 100% part of your results and in the end they will be sitting in the first rows to celebrate your MBA graduation. And, by the way, families are also created along the master: we have seen many of our students getting married and having children during their MBA!
  2. Charge your batteries: we hope you spent very relaxing holidays this summer, because now the going gets tough. A lot of effort and commitment will be asked from you: you will have to be ready to work hard during the day for your job, and then focus your remaining energies on the MBA projects and exams during nights and weekends. Skype calls with your classmates while you are cooking your dinner at home back from a full day at work may become your routine! But never give up! We encourage you to take this challenge as if your MBA were like a gym: train your skills as much as you can, make questions, look for new answers, experiment new solutions and do not be afraid of making mistakes. Some great speakers including managers as well as the faculty will be challenging you to start to think differently and to broaden your horizons. You will be like a learning sponge absorbing useful knowledge from everyone.
  3. Live the MIP experience in full: you will become part of a community of over 12000 Alumni. Do not underestimate the importance of networking. Take part in the events organized by our Alumni Relations Office and in all the glamorous parties with the other students of the school, set in the vibrant city of Milan! Do not be shy and expose yourself to new people, new cultures, new ways of life. Stay tuned on all our MIP channels and bring your special story (Growingleader blog and Facebook)! Together, we build the story and the mission of our school.

Only if you live your MBA at 360 degrees, it will be a real life-changing experience!