In this interview Nico Reuter, from Bavaria, Germany, shares with us his MSCPM experience and how this helped him expand his own professional network

Why did you decide to pursue a master, and why did you choose MSCPM?

After graduating, I had the choice between starting my professional career, or continue studying. Several reasons spoke for a master’s program. Just to name a few, better job opportunities, the great time of being a student, and the possibility of going abroad, were important factors for me.
The MSCPM Program drew my attention, when I met the ambassadors of the program at an MBA career fair. What I really liked about the program was the possibility to be in two different, foreign countries: France and Italy. I saw an opportunity here to not only study at excellent and very highly acknowledged universities, but also learn a lot about the different people, their culture and language. Apart from that, the specialized master in supply chain and purchasing was fitting to my previous studies in logistics.

What is the main skill you have been working on during your MSCPM experience?

I believe the main skill you can develop is to work with people from different cultures. In my MSCPM class with 43 people, there were people from 18 different countries, from all around the world. During the large number of group works that are assigned in the program, there are plenty of opportunities to work with different people, who have different approaches and mindsets of working together.

Would you tell us about your internship at Siemens?

As a final step of the MSCPM program, you need to find an internship and write the master’s thesis. I chose to combine these 2 deliverables, and was able to find a very interesting internship opportunity at Siemens. During this internship, I am also able to write my thesis. The internship is in a strategic logistics department at the Siemens headquarters in Nuremberg. My task for the internship is to develop a project management toolbox for internal logistics projects. My internship lasts for 6 months, and I am very happy with it. The people in the department are very helpful and friendly, I enjoy great assistance from my supervisor, and the organization works fine as well. I am very flexible with my working hours, and I have access to all resources and information I need, for example I also got a company laptop and access to the company data bases, so I can work from home if I do not have any appointments. Apart from that, there is the excellent opportunity to expand your own professional network, which is extremely important in my point of view.

What do you suggest to those thinking about attending a master program like this?

If you are willing to invest some efforts from yourself, I can assure you that you will have an incredible experience, meet amazing and inspiring people, have a lot of fun, learn a lot about cultures, people, and new languages, and receive a valuable double degree from two great universities. My suggestion is: DO IT!!!

Nico Reuter