Transforming your passion into your career and investing in specialised training to build a glittering career in double quick time – that, in a nutshell, is the story of Djurdja Milutinovic, a young professional with a real love of the luxury and design sectors.

After graduating in architecture, a passion for design and high-end luxury products quickly began to course through the young Djurdja’s veins.
Djurdja began to consolidate her professional experience by working on interior design projects for some of the most prestigious names in the luxury sector, including LVMH, which saw her travel to Mexico, Serbia and Italy.
Indeed, it was in Italy, back in 2014, that Djurdja began to dream of a world beyond the confines of traditional interior design, looking to acquire the comprehensive skills needed to move into the world of business in earnest. The overall objective? To put her own unique, unmistakeable mark on her career while speeding up her development.

So what did she decide?

“An MBA program is the only type of course that offers that complete picture” explains Djurdja “And knowing that Milan is the cradle of Luxury, there was no better place to be”.

Awaiting the young Djurdja was an entirely new experience: an MBA.

“…takes you out of comfort zone, challenges your paradigms, reaffirms your will, boosts your knowledge and finally opens the door to a new world of opportunities”.

Indeed, at MIP in Milan, each and every student throws off the cloak of mere professional to become a leader – a complete manager.

Then there’s the extraordinary experience that comes with immersing yourself in the international melting pot of cultures that is Milan. It gives MIP students a truly unrivalled competitive advantage, exposing its future leaders to diversity, heightening their knowledge and understanding and providing them with amazing networking opportunities.

So did Djurdja’s decision pay off? You bet it did. Just one year after her MBA at MIP in Milan, the undisputed home of fashion and design, she is now working as a project coordinator and interior design project specialist at Bulgari, the Italian company considered a market leader in high-end jewellery.

Djurdja’s story is a shining example of how investing in quality training is the key to opening the doors to the business world proper.

Especially if you’re looking to move into the fashion and luxury industry.

Indeed, MIP recently also launched an innovative International Master in Luxury Management, in collaboration with Gucci. It represents an illustrious training programme, with the famous partner certainly not in any need of introduction.
Aside from moulding future leaders determined to take up the reins at the biggest international luxury organisations, equipping them with all the tools they need to tackle the unique dynamics of the fashion industry, this Master programme also makes it easier for its students to later make the move into the world of work. In fact, students on the 12-month course will have the chance to engage in direct dialogue with Gucci via regular business seminars, lectures and projects.

It’s yet more proof that heading to Milan for a Master enables you to fast-track your journey to the summit of the business world and start making your professional dreams a reality.
And who better to sum up the experience’s incredible value than Djurdja herself?

“If you could turn back time, would you do it again?” I would definitely say: yes, a thousand times yes.”.


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