As you know, there are plenty of business education programs available on the market and each school has its own strengths and weaknesses. Once I realized the part-time MBA at MIP was the best option for me, it was time to deal with the application process. And to be honest, I was quite concerned about it, especially about the selection procedure.

I thought my university and professional background was not consistent with an MBA with quite a technical and engineering approach, such as the one at MIP (or at least that’s what I believed at that time). With a degree in political science, my only business was – and still is today – international politics: no numbers, no specific target to achieve, not a truly business mindset, no math formulas, just politics and, in some rare cases, a bit of economics (but only the theory ).

Now that I am an MBA candidate at MIP, I can say that much of what I believed was wrong and biased. Business is a different thing because if it is true that “numbers” are paramount to run a business, also the ability to fully understand the environment and the people you work with is equally important, or even more critical in a future of digitalization, automation and essential sustainability.

In applying for the International Part-Time MBA at MIP, I’d like to give you some takeaways that could be useful to avoid stress and to enjoy the process a bit.

First, don’t be too shy to ask for any information you need to understand the application process better. I spent most of the time gathering information, talking with my family, friends and, especially, MIP Recruitment Staff. It took several weeks, often during the weekend or after my daily work. So, make sure you have exploited all the opportunities at your disposal to have a comprehensive view about the process and how it works.

Use the flexibility the school gives you and connect with some former students who are now MIP Ambassadors; talk to them and share information because there’s no better way to have real feedback about what you are looking for.

Start planning to prepare all the required documents and then start practising for the test. Working and studying can be really tough work. You need to further improve your time management and be effective. But again, keep calm and enjoy the process.

It will be like a marathon and not a 100-metre sprint! Don’t be afraid about the test: practise a bit and use your reasoning to think about the problem. What counts is how you approach it and not the result itself!

I think the interview is the most important part of the application process. Be yourself and explain your true motivation and commitment. Who are you? Why an MBA? Why now? What do you expect? Since you are applying for an MBA, you are looking for a change in your professional life. Show it!