In an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, what are the keys to success?

We asked someone who knows all about professional success: Filippo Passerini, CIO and Group President of Procter & Gamble.

Here are a few excerpts from his presentation. Full details are available in the complete video in this post.

Tip 1: know how to read change, to learn how to cope with it

It is impossible to forecast everything the future holds. International crises explode all the time, often in an on-going succession, political situations change from day to day and random events are beyond our control.

However, this doesn’t stop the best leaders from observing and understanding the context, reacting quickly as effectively as possible. Where do they find the tools to do this?

According to Filippo Passerini, the MBA can still be the answer to this question. In-depth study guarantees the background for interpreting the current situation and anticipating signs of change.

Tip 2: work to emerge

The world has become more uncertain and more competitive at the same time. The boundaries of our interests have broadened and distances have become shorter, making the competitiveness of the workforce stronger and stronger, also in highly qualified sectors.

How can we stand out from the crowd? Once again in this case the solution is to concentrate on your personal skills, expanding the range and taking advantage of consistency through study.

Tip 3: exercise your emotional intelligence

A leader guides his team. He helps it perform to its best, offering a clear vision of the goals and how to achieve them, to guarantee an excellent result.

In all of this, emotional intelligence is becoming increasingly important. Understanding others, creating links, developing empathy and broadening your horizons through professional and personal human experiences, study and preparation for what we do not know (yet).

And what about you? Do you think that preparation still plays a crucial role in achieving professional success?