Through an internship in the city of Edinburgh, as part of our master we had the opportunity to work in the Whisky industry, one of the most attractive markets in Scotland. We developed a “Sales and Marketing Strategy” for Jeffrey Street Whisky and Tobacco Company, identifying opportunities and ways to improve results for the organisation; in addition to this, a qualitative and quantitative analysis of internal and external factors in the whisky market had previously been undertaken, and the strategic corporate plan was revised.

Jeffrey Street Whisky and Tobacco is an independent retailer, specialising in limited edition whiskies and Cuban cigars. It is located in the heart of Edinburgh´s Old Town, where thousands of tourists visit the company every year. Whisky has become part of Scotland´s identity and it helps with strong and remarkable figures in exports, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employment rates in the UK.

This, then, was the framework for the deployment of all the knowledge we had garnered at MIP Politecnico di Milano; we realised that the knowledge acquired was a fundamental support for our work and helped us to develop the proposal with confidence and determination, especially possessing strategic thinking to identify and analyse all the possible opportunities to create a competitive advantage. It was a wonderful experience, expanding our knowledge in an interesting market with the support and advice of experts in the field.

The process started by organising our ideas and defining the scope of the project we had to accomplish during the internship period. We developed the breakdown structures, scheduling tools and project charter. We also researched the background, context, culture, history, business and marketing analysis of the Whisky industry. Additionally, during the process we complemented the experience by visiting different distilleries, especially in the Highlands, and studied the main competitors visiting their stores.

The project was developed over approximately 8 weeks, from May to July, concluding with a presentation to the managers: Daniel, Hector and Joanna (pictured). Their support was essential for the process, providing us with past information and reports on the business, regarding sales, costs, strategies applied, market analysis, business plan, etc. It was gratifying to see their interest in and enthusiasm for our proposal, that included innovative strategies which they assured us they would implement immediately.

As project managers, this was a fulfilling experience for us  ̶  it gave us the opportunity to learn, improve our skills, experience different business contexts putting both hard and soft skills into action, and demonstrate the solidity of our knowledge and competences. One of the greatest lessons that we can highlight from the experience is that if the organisation´s staff always transmits passion for what they do; hence they make the customer fall in love with the product.

The knowledge we have acquired on this journey is invaluable and we are fortunate to have had the privilege of being part of this Master Programme with the opportunity to exchange knowledge, practise and live the experience with people from different nationalities and professional backgrounds; this has definitely been a unique learning experience.


Juan Fernando Carrión. Passionate about business and projects, always looking for ways to innovate with creative ideas, I am also a big fan of brand development and entrepreneurship. I am constantly very curious and hungry to learn, as well as being enthusiastic about travelling and meeting people. I am always trying to contribute to society to make a better world. I am currently a student of the Master in Strategic Project Management European (MSPME), a joint Programme at MIP (Milan, Italy), Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, Scotland) and Umea University (Umea, Sweden).

Dalia Rosa. Creative mind, with broad experience in visual communications, branding, graphic design, arts, culture and tourism. I have worked for both governmental and non-governmental organisations and on private sector projects. A proactive and innovative professional, I hold a degree in graphic design. Strategic thinking and experience in teamwork in multidisciplinary and international environments complete my profile. I am currently a student of the Master in Strategic Project Management European (MSPME), a joint Programme at MIP (Milan, Italy), Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, Scotland) and Umea University (Umea, Sweden).