A brilliant education and tangible work experience: in a nutshell, that’s the dream scenario for any company looking for a new candidate to insert in their team.

MIP International MBA program is designed to respond to the real needs of students and leading companies in the world of business. It aims to provide comprehensive training for the business leaders of the future, not just offering them the possibility to study on a top-quality educational program, but also putting them to the test in the dynamic world of work, in order to enable them to quickly learn how to successfully tackle the complexities of business.

To this end, MIP International MBA program closely collaborates with over 30 companies, including both Italian businesses and multinational organisations, all of them leaders in their respective fields.

Amongst the top-level partners of MIP are leading names from the consultancy sector such as the Boston Consulting Group, big manufacturing companies including Barilla, Pirelli and Whirlpool, and ICT & Telco giants such as IBM, Amazon, Vodafone, Telecom-Tim and Lastminute.com Group, to name but a few.

Indeed, Lastminute.com Group will be one of the companies sponsoring the next edition of MIP International MBA program. Founded in 1998, it is now a leading player in the travel sector, offering over 10 million clients in more than 35 countries around the world, a vast array of flights, hotels, package holidays and rental services.

An innovative, dynamic and successful company, Lastminute.com Group is able to offer significant training and development opportunities on the ground, as Francesco Sala, a Politecnico di Milano alumnus and now Digital Marketing Director with the organisation, attests to.

Francesco Sala is a great example of how experience in an innovative company is a way to obtain an holistic vision of the world of business, interact with different operative areas including marketing, communication, finance and IT, and gain invaluable experience in dealing with problems.

The MBA’s top-level partners have a crucial role within the program, providing direct insight in the lecture hall, allowing the talent to work on tangible challenges right from the off and even offering project works and interesting job opportunities to students.

As such, MIP International MBA program students have access to an exclusive springboard to get off on the right foot in the job market.