The Marketing & Recruitment staff of MIP Politecnico di Milano travels to several cities around the world to provide first-hand information and guidance to prospective MBA candidates. Here are some tips for international students on how to get the best out of your time at an MBA fair:

  1. Scholarships
    Candidates can attend educational fairs also to explore the scholarship opportunities. Some fairs provide specific scholarship competitions for attendees that can help you fund all or part of your tuition and living expenses.
  2. Alumni
    Many of the MIP global ambassadors and alumni regularly represent us in different fairs and events abroad helping candidates get first-hand information from an insider’s point of view. Meeting an alumni from your country can be your chance to get detailed information on program experience, student lifestyle, challenges and opportunities, travel and accommodation planning etc.
  3. Make a first good impression
    As most of the recruitment staff plays a key role in the MBA selection process, it is ideal for candidates to leave a good first impression while meeting them in fairs. The recruitment staff is your guiding angel through the application and admission process and selling yourself well right from the start would increase your chances of being accepted to a program.
  4. Personality check
    Last but not the least, meeting our staff in person is your chance to dig deeper into the school and its values. As any other organization, a business school also has a personality and we believe in meeting our students face to face to see if their personalities match with ours and vice versa. Fairs can provide a platform to candidates for a quick compatibility check to help find out if or not the business school looks like their dream alma mater!

(Insights on Insights on the Guidance Process – part 1)