The Marketing & Recruitment staff of MIP Politecnico di Milano travels to several cities around the world to provide first-hand information and guidance to prospective MBA candidates. Here are some tips for international students on how to get the best out of your time at an MBA fair:

  1. Quick research
    Doing some pre-research about the participating schools and their program portfolios will come in handy specially if you plan to meet several representatives and also to give yourself an overview of different programs options available. This would help you ask more specific questions to the representatives and in turn help you compare different programs better.
  2. Bring your CV
    It’s always advisable to bring your CV along so that we can pre-assess your profile on the spot and suggest programs which best suit your profile and expectations.
  3. Have clear goals
    We would be able to help you best if we have a clear idea of your post-study objectives – which could be obtaining a better job position than your present one, specializing in a particular area, opening your own start-up, relocating aboard with family, changing your job sector/industry etc. based on your post-study plan, we will guide you on the programs that will best serve your needs.
  4. Take advantage of panels/seminars
    Most international education fairs organize different types of panel discussion and seminars focusing on specific management topics. The speakers often include experts like HODs and program directors and the information provided can act as a base for comparing different programs in the same area. These sessions are also an opportunity to learn in detail about the business school’s background and standing but also about its fortes. Some presentations can be targeted at specific countries and provide key information on the location value of a study destination.

Stay tuned to discover the next tips on the Guidance Process