Dedication, commitment, transparency, honesty. These are some of the key elements we look for in our MBA candidates, as they reflect the values of our school.
If you think you can embody them, you should prove that you are the right candidate from the very beginning of your application.
My name is Maria Carulli and I work in the Marketing & Recruitment – Master Programs department and today I would like to share with you some insights on the selection process for our MBA program.
First of all, why don’t you have a look at this article recently published on Forbes? It states the 10 most under-rated reasons why it is worth participating in an MBA program.

According to Eric Jackson, an MBA is not just an investment in ensuring a brilliant career, but also offers an array of other opportunities: from allowing yourself to reflect on the big business questions to being able to gain awareness of a much broader, more global business world than the one you may have started to work in. You may realize how little you understand about the world! In light of this, it also offers you the chance to re-evaluate your life and focus on the sector that truly interests you. In terms of human relationships, you will form lasting friendships and build you own personal and professional network. You will meet mentors from whom you can draw inspiration and learn as much as possible. And you will have the chance to interact with – and not just to listen to – leading managers who are invited to bring their experiences into the classroom.

If the above applies to you and it rings a bell, just follow me through the selection process.

In my video, I focus on four key assessment criteria we look at during the selection process and which you should keep in mind right from the start:

  1. Properly filled out application form
    Taking care to fill out all of the required fields throughout the whole form requires dedication, hard work and commitment, just like the wider journey ahead.
  2. Interview preparation
    No specific expertise is required for the interview. It is important to be transparent and honest and give concrete examples that demonstrate why an MBA is the right choice for you at this point of your private and professional life, and why you have chosen the MIP MBA in particular.
    Remember that we’re looking for highly motivated candidates who are ready to become the managers of the future: show enthusiasm and determination throughout the interview!
  3. Logic-mathematical skills
    As part of the selection process, you will be asked to take the MIP test, which consists of a business case and an analytical exercise. Even if you don’t have a technical or scientific background, the test has been designed by our school to assess your reasoning, problem setting and problem solving skills. You can also further prove your critical reasoning skills by presenting your GRE/GMAT scores.
  4. English communication skills
    We request that you have a good level of English. This will be particularly tested during the motivational interview, so that we can assess whether you are capable of taking part in an international MBA in which you will be required to interact with classmates from all over the world.
    Your English certificate may be requested if you participate in exchange programmes in other cities, with many opportunities offered with our partner business schools.

I hope it helps! Now it is your turn to show us that you are ready to grow as a manager, give back to business and society and eventually go on to make the world we live in a better place.