In 2011, our alumna Gaelle stepped onto the MIP campus for the very first time, after a trip made all the more complex by the untimely eruption of the Icelandic volcano, which paralysed flights across half of Europe. So what were her prominent feelings? Gaelle explains that her first step towards the future, towards success, was full of excitement and anticipation for a journey she’d just begun, but she was also bolstered by determination to get started.

An old Chinese proverb – attributed to Lao Tzu – reads “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. And it is vital that this single step, one that has such a big impact on the present and the future, is taken as confidently as possible.

At MIP, our objective is to make every step in the development of tomorrow’s leaders as comfortable as possible. That’s why our team works tirelessly to offer students all the facilities and support they need, while making sure they take full advantage of the opportunities Milan has to offer.

So take your time, sit down and relax. You are about to get acquainted with the many facilities and services MIP offers to MBA students. Follow us on a tour of the building and the campus surroundings, as well as the classrooms and study areas.

Your life at MIP will take place here, with the constant support of the Program Coordinators.

At MIP students come first and we are proud to show you how your learning experience will unfold!