Anyone who decides to enroll on an MBA at a prestigious business school is well aware that in addition to the impeccable training on offer, one of the biggest draws is the chance to come into contact with the world’s leading companies, many of whom work closely with universities and run seminars and workshops.

An MBA can be the perfect way of making your first steps in the high-level business panorama and brushing shoulders with its main protagonists. It’s an exclusive opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the world of business, discover the latest innovations, build your network, get yourself noticed and even throw your hat into the ring for any vacancies.

MIP is no stranger when it comes to such illustrious partnerships, with its MBA students happily reaping the benefits. Every year, the business school hosts dozens of large companies from a range of sectors, thus offering its students a wealth of unique and fascinating experiences.

One of MIP’s stand-out partners is Microsoft. The global IT giant is always on the lookout for talents emerging from the MBA programmes of the leading business schools and has even organised a special program – the MACH MBA – to identify future leaders worth employing.

MIP recently hosted a seminar run by Microsoft, during which EMEA MBA Recruiter Melissa del Castillo and Azure Senior Solutions Specialist Marcello Buoncompagni explained the mechanisms of the company’s recruitment programme for future managers.

The MACH MBA program works on a win-win principle: while on the one hand it allows the best MBA students from all over the world to join Microsoft and receive two years of unrivalled training, on the other it enables the company to scrutinise and then hire the most brilliant prospects in marketing, sales and services.

During the MACH MBA program, Microsoft also provides an invaluable one-to-one support service, with the new recruits given training and coaching sessions by highly qualified professionals.

But that’s not all. The MACH MBA program is not just a unique opportunity to become an important part of the Microsoft universe – it’s also a great chance to do some quality networking, as confirmed by Luca Polzot, a former MBA student who took part in the program:

“MIP was vital in giving me the chance to come into contact with Microsoft. I went through the selection process and was accepted onto the MACH MBA course. It’s a two-year programme which enables you to meet a range of international colleagues from the best business schools in the world. The programme features seminars designed to accelerate your development and fascinating workshops with figures from the highest echelons of Microsoft.”

With such an exceptionally stimulating opportunity up for grabs, it’s no wonder that some of the best students have been encouraged to apply over the years. Take MIP MBA student Diego Bonsangue, for example. After being accepted onto the MACH MBA programme, he spoke about how excited he was to make the most of his chance:

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in Microsoft’s MACH MBA Program. After Melissa introduced our class the program at one of the Career Development events organized by MIP, I was immediately drawn by it, not only for what “Microsoft” means in a global professional spectrum, but because I saw the ideal opportunity to truly leverage on the knowledge I would obtain during the MBA, combined with my experience in the tech industry.”

So what are the key criteria to being accepted onto the MACH MBA? Being passionate about technology, having a proven innovative streak and demonstrating a customer-obsessed mindset – all qualities that will help you make a positive contribution to the Microsoft mission.

As Diego explains, Microsoft are very much looking to the future:

“The MACH Program seems tailored for candidates with true passion for technology, and hunger for continuous learning. Through this program I am certain that Microsoft is investing in talents that can support the company and want to be part of its growth as it moves into a new era.”