Milan is…opportunity.  To create your professional projects, your dreams and your future.
Take it from a native of Milan, but also from visitors and tourists too.

This is the outcome of the “Nice to meet you” project carried out by Fondazione Fiera, interviewing 450 members of the public and asking them to describe the city in a single word.  The result is a video-business card of Milano, in which the pictures of the Cathedral, the breath-taking view of the skyline, of the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery interweave with the faces of students, tourists, pensioners and local administrators.

Opportunity”, as we said, but also “culture” and “beauty”, Milan appears to be a young city, loved by young people who appreciate the “movida”, “parties”, “fashion” and “design”. Milan is “fast”, “changing”, thanks to the EXPO and to countless value enhancement projects.

For once, the words that identify the city’s problems, like “chaos”, “smog” or “concrete” are set aside, giving way to architectural beauty, professional and cultural possibilities, to the exuberant and ever-changing city environment.

An ideal place to build your future. Take it from those who live and work in Milan. Milan, nice to meet you!

And what about you? What is the one word you would use to describe Milan?