My choice

I was looking for top MBA courses in Europe and the International Full Time MBA at MIP was attractive because: 1) the MBA program has a strong focus on Entrepreneurship and Technology; 2) It is an international program, so I had the chance to enter in contact with people from different nationalities but with the same willingness to change as mine; 3) MIP has some partner companies that interested me a lot; 4) My family has Italian origins, so I thought I could go back to my roots.


Main takeaways from the MBA

  • A better comprehension about how business is done around the globe (similarities and differences between the Latin American market and the rest of the world).
  • Good colleagues that made my experience during my MBA extremely interesting.
  • The chance to keep in contact with MIP even after my MBA. It is interesting to see how the school constantly adapts to the new technologies.

Who I am

I am an Electrical Engineer and I have been working in the Biomedical sector for more than 10 years now. First, I worked in the development of new products for monitoring vital signs of patients, and later I was managing small groups in the R&D department. Currently, I work as a Project Manager in projects for integrated Operating Theaters in hospitals in all Latin America. I am enthusiastic about new technologies and how to drive individuals with different backgrounds towards a common goal.

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