My choice

I choose MIP because the AMIE course offered me the best opportunity to get in touch with the huge startup and innovation ecosystem in Europe. In addition, it is based in very lovely city. Milan is fashion, cultural, technological and welcoming, but it is also a big economic center, where you can build a great network and find many business opportunities.

As AMIE student, I could join 2 of the most important Business Schools in Europe with an amazing multicultural experience. My classmates are from more than 15 countries and the course is held in Italy and Belgium. Moreover, theory and practical experience are always together. You will have group works to develop new business and develop consulting projects for real companies.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • Network building and deeper understanding of the reality of a startup, by talking to entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, big companies, reference professionals, etc.
  • How innovation and entrepreneurship can change the world, with new technologies, business models or solutions.
  • Techniques, tools and concepts that can be applied both in a big enterprise as for new venture creating.

Who I am

I am Brazilian, entrepreneur, adventurer, dreamer, musician, and I used to be a very good business development employee, after taking part in a very attractive traineeship program and working for 5 years in the ICT industry. I am also passionate by innovations that positively affect people’s life and I am always thinking, “how can I contribute?”.

One day I realized that if I really wanted to enrich my life (what includes my career), I would have to submit myself to such multicultural experience. Therefore, here I am. I left my loved city, my good job and some plans to open my mind and build better plans. I am proud of it and I do not regret.

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