My choice

I chose MIP for its model based on a strong hands-on approach and the several opportunities you have to closely work with different international companies during the program. I also considered the fact that MIP places a lot of importance on the improvement of your soft skills and of your ability to leverage on a scientific approach to problem solving. All this, coupled with the chance to live in a challenging and multicultural environment in the center of Europe has made MIP MBA the perfect choice.

Main takeaways from the MBA

  • Challenge yourself, test your limits and leave your comfort zone. You will get to know yourself better than ever, learning to take higher risks.
  • Strongly improve your soft skills and flexibility.
  • Improve your ability to deliver under pressure. All the presentations, exams and group working that are part of the MBA program will challenge you every day.

Who I am

I am currently working as a Compliance Officer for the Dodd-Frank project, at BCI bank in Chile. We are implementing the Dodd-Frank regulations in the trading desks of the bank, in order to comply with the American requirements that are essential to guarantee the bank’s access to international financial markets.

I am passionate about traveling and meeting new cultures. I love mountain climbing, which I have been practicing for 3 years now.

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