My choice

I chose MIP because it was the perfect combination of what I was looking for: excellence in education at one of the best business schools in Europe, an incredible international exposure by sharing the classroom with people from different backgrounds and nationalities and, last but not least, the amazing opportunity of living the Italian culture and language. Studying at MIP not only continued with my academic formation, but also opened doors for my professional career.

Main takeaways from the MBA

  • The acquired knowledge about the processes and activities of renowned companies, gained directly from their main executives who exposed about the insights of their companies at our classrooms.
  • The great networking platform due to the international nature of the master program and the networking events that MIP offers to its students.
  • Lifetime friendships and experiences that have allowed me to grow not only as a professional, but as a human being.

Who I am

I was born and raised in one of Ecuador’s most beautiful cities: Cuenca. After completing my Bachelor’s degree in International Studies, I acquired professional experience at a FMCG company and later on in Logistics and Sales of the flower industry of my country. During my academic and professional path I have enjoyed of learning languages as a way of developing cross-cultural understanding, something that I am now living on my own skin in Italy.
I am passionate about working with ceramics and building things with my own hands. Social work and sustainable causes have always been a motivation that moves me to seek for a common good. I proudly consider myself as an Ambassador of my home country, which is why I keep my culture and roots alive.

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