My choice

This choice came from a dream since 2012 after my adventure in China. At that moment, I realized that I had to continue and level myself up in the field of supply chain and purchasing management within International surroundings. As I have two-year professional experience in Logistics, the question was why I can’t be a manager in early stage of my life.

I started to search for the best masters in supply chain to combine both theoretical studies with my practical experience in that field. Eventually, I came up with MIP as one of the worldwide top leaders in the domain of Supply Chain Management.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • International environment while dealing with more than 10 different nationalities, offering the rich experiences for those who want to live abroad and enjoy the dynamic interaction.
  • Solid knowledge for supply chain management and manufacturing strategies.
  • Physical visits to companies in order to match theoretical intake with practical work.
  • Supply Chain Professionals on-site speech on a weekly basis to share live examples and practical experiences, which are indeed applied to the practical field.
  • Well-organized and instant administrative organization.
  • Professional support on the job seeking and career advice.

Who I am

Ahmed Rashed, MIP master of Supply Chain and Purchasing management class representative and MIP ambassador, who’s currently working as logistics engineer at Luxottica. Before coming to this master, I had been working at Juhayna as logistics analyst in Cairo, Egypt for 2 years. After completing my studies in MIP, my professional profile and network both enlarge to an International scale. My career path started its first step in Europe thanks to the support from Career Development Center in MIP.

Today, I’m surrounded by dynamic settings and people both in my professional and private life. Besides, I have an international family who enriches my horizon. This is just what I seek to achieve, and for anyone who seeks to be supply chain professional and looks for more international experiences, this is the right masters you need for a brilliant future.

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