My choice

It is hard to argue the way MIP has cemented its position among the elite when it comes to Supply Chain Management academia. The MSCPM program provided by MIP has completely resonated with my previous experience and future the goals I had set for myself and is the spark I need to get ignite my potential. The setting of the program was rather intriguing and definitely paid off in terms of opening my mind to new cultures and broaden my idea space. That was due to my daily interaction with my colleagues who come from 16+ different countries and cultures. Such an opportunity was too valuable and priceless for me to pass on, so I did my best to be part of it and thankfully, now I am here.


Main takeaways from the Master

  • One of the vital strength points of the program was providing us with guest speakers from top performing companies from different industries; I believe this is the melting point where knowledge meets experience. At such point all the questions I always wondered about came to an answer. Furthermore, factory visits played a great role in the program by exposing how giant manufacturing setups can be accomplished.
  • The organized career service provided us with strong support from day one by creating a professional portfolio on one hand. On the other hand, the partnership that MIP has with renowned companies allows one to be exposed to opportunities that would have otherwise never come around. Moreover, the network of alumni provides great mentorship for graduates when taking career decisions.
  • The program provided me with the fundamentals of supply chain. This allowed me to link my 2 years of experience in the field of procurement to the comprehensive vision which was provided by the experienced professors from different industries. Besides, the program drove me to maintain real-time updates with all the latest trends and technologies used in the field nowadays.

Who I am

Having a long name like mine, I am often called Sergio! I am from Cairo, the city that never sleeps. I am in essence a Production Engineer, but that is just the tip of a well rooted ice-berg. Passion and a profound thirst for cars – since childhood – drove me to do several internships at automotive gurus like Mercedes Benz, BMW, & Nissan.

As life gets harder every day, I always aim for Positively inspiring myself and people around me. I never enjoy being “the smartest person in the room”, since I believe this cuts back on my development and will hold me back.

Being at MIP and following my passion is the first step to achieve my career objectives which I believe it’s a very fruitful experience that can hardly be forgotten.

Everyday Quote: “It is never too late to be who you might have been”

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