My choice

When looking for the best opportunity to enhance my professional and personal knowledge (and network), MIP’s Full Time MBA had the best all around. It has a heavy-weight, international faculty with experience in several fields and countries that, combined with a very structured and rich study plan and set of activities throughout the MBA path, gives you the best experience and added value both to your personal and professional life. Having access to MIP partner companies is a HUGE plus.
The business school gives you exposure to a vast group of companies that will help you grow your network and multiply your range of options for the future.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • Less is more, keep things simple.
  • Your soft skills can play a big role in everything you do.
  • How to deal with conflict and reach a common goal.

Who I am

I was born and raised in El Salvador. I’ve lived in Guatemala, Panama, Germany and Italy. I studied Industrial Engineering in Panama, where I worked for a private equity fund before moving to Milan.

F1 lover, curious by nature, love traveling and strong believer of accomplishing whatever you set your mind to.
Would be very happy to meet you!

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