My choice

The choice to study the MSCPM is born by the passion created through a 5-yearexperience in the field of procurement. My bachelor’s degree in business and economics was the first step in professional career however, I was looking for an academic opportunity that could enrich my knowledge and capabilities with the main objective to become a specialized professional in the area of supply chain and purchasing.

After a detailed research looking for this opportunity I found MSPM which is a double degree master that awards a master of science by Audencia Nantes (France) and a specialized master by MIP Politecnico di Milano (Italy).
Both of these universities are ranked in the first positions of their respective countries but also in Europe and the world granting great reputation. In this master you find an intensive program with fundamentals of supply chain and procurement that will develop your skills through both theory and practice at the same time you broaden your professional network.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • In a globalized world, this innovative master will challenge you not just to learn the fundamentals of supply chain but also to test the acquired knowledge and skills in a real world atmosphere. An atmosphere built by colleagues and professors from different parts of the world with different experiences from which you will lear how to deal with real life situations in this field.
  • Probably one of the most complicated things when looking for a master is to find an academic option that fullfills your needs. If you are clear that your priority is to specialize in supply chain and purchasing you will find out that.
  • One other strength from this master is the interaction and exposure you will have with high qualified professionals from the supply chain and purchasing management. The master hollistic vision develops a learning methodology by having: experiencied professors from different industries, on-site visits to companies (and factories) and support from the university to look for new challenging professional opportunities. After completing this master the I may say that I have grown as professional but also this master has developed confidence on speficic skills that are milestones in the development of my career.

Who I am

I’m Rafael Rodriguez part of the MSCPM 2015. I was born in El Salvador and raised in Honduras where I worked as head of procurement in a Central American company, Industrias Facela. A couple of years before starting my master also I took the decision to start a parallel project as independent consultant in the procurement field, working with different SME’s in El Salvador and Honduras.

My desire to develop new supply chain and procurement skills motivated me to start the new adventure in my life with the MSCPM. Currently I am working as an Inter-Market Supply Planner in Nestle Waters Italy which is an opportunity but also and experience to learn and to develop myself every single day on a top competing company world wide which bet in the lean and the quality management as pillars for their success and improvement.

My next step? Continue to enjoy my work, to learn the most from my mentors and share my experiences with others persons in order to give my contribution to build sustainable supply chains around the world.

For anyone looking forward to know more about the MSCPM and my experience please feel free to contact me.

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