My choice

MIP is one of the most well organized and prestigious universities across Europe. In addition to that, MIP is strongly connected with industry and provides various job opportunities to their students. Last but not least, MIP works under a high quality service level which inspires all stakeholders for continuous improvement.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • IMIM is a life challenge you cannot resist. Due to its structure it provides students with practical and theoretical knowledge of different business areas. It also develops their personal soft skills. The master is strongly connected with industry where students gain experience of how real business works.
  • Due to this unique structure students study and work in collaboration with students of other masters and they learn how to react in cross functional groups. Furthermore, is a chance to collaborate with people coming from all over the world which means that diversity and multicultural skills are on the top of the value list.
  • The mobility of the program allows the students to live in different countries, to learn about different cultures, to adapt their selves in different conditions. It provides as well the opportunity to travel to visit and to explore at least three different countries -and the most important- to make new friends around the globe.
    Last but not least, IMIM drives you beyond your limits, it makes you global!

Who I am

I am a Chemical Engineer, I am from Greece where I am also doing my internship in Heineken right now. I am looking always for international professional challenges which are going to boost up my career. I love sailing, traveling ,and tennis and this is how I spend my leissure time in most cases.

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