My choice

I chose the IMIM program because I wanted to complement my technical background with managerial skills. At the same time I wanted to go outside of the box and challenge myself in an international and dynamic environment. Being rotational, international, and operated by respectable universities, the IMIM program was the perfect fit for my needs. Another important factor influencing my decision was the opportunity to write the thesis in cooperation with a company.

I got the freedom to do so in whatever country I wanted, given that I’d find a company to cooperate with, which I went on and did. Looking beyond the academic perspective, the program also offers the chance to live and study in three different cities in Europe, with classmates from all over the globe, exposing you to cultural surprises and new experiences every week.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • The ability to embrace and manage change is essential to gain and maintain competitive advantage.
  • Flexibility and understanding of different cultures is key to success in the modern day of globalization.
  • Work towards the goal but don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

Who I am

I’m an ambitious graduate and supply chain management professional with an international background. I’m Icelandic, I’ve lived in seven countries, and I love travelling and new experiences.

Professionally I’m interested in operations and supply chain management, business models and innovation, business development, and growing technologies. I’m very flexible, creative and open-minded. In my spare time I like to play a good game of football, go climbing or snowboarding, and catch up with friends.

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