My choice

I found my interests lie in entrepreneurship and Innovation. Therefore, i decided to do a master’s program which complements my valuable technical experience in another dimension. I found IMIM to be a good program as it covers a broad range of business, managerial and scientific topics in an industrial context and they are very essential considering the complexity of functions and roles in today’s industries subsequently resulting in diverse career opportunities.

We learn the basics of business in the first semester which is a good foundation to understand market trade, we deep dive into an industrial context and practically learn different operations in an industry through company visits in the second semester and finally we specialize in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Munich which has a fantastic high technology start-up culture. I think the broad and diverse topics coupled with the nature of the IMIM program are a perfect symphony.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • How to develop an idea into a business and sustain it through innovation.
  • My research, analytical and problem solving skills have improved tremendously through various project and case studies.
  • The importance of Diversity – it is beautiful as it has the power to cross boundaries and create a magical environment where the vision and thoughts of many are shared to dream of a world, which is different and better.

Who I am

A bright 7 year old kid asked me during a train jouney “How can I be successful?” and after thinking for a while, I replied “Desire, Dedication and Determination” from my experience with success and named them as the Success 3D (S3D).

While what I have learned from failure is “Ever Tried, Ever Failed, No Matter. Try Again, Fail Again, Fail Better” – Samuel Beckett.

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