My choice

A Mechanical Engineer by qualification, I was always fascinated by the reputation of Politecnico Di Milano. When I first applied to IMIM, I was enticed by the possibility of living in 3 or 4 countries over the period of two years and learning about different professional and personal cultures from around the globe. Although I was able to secure admissions to many other universities across Europe, the prospect of studying in Madrid, Milan and Munich/Edinburgh was an option too good to deny.

MIP Politecnico Di Milano’s Graduate School of Business’s international mix, industrial connections, highly recognized faculty and state-of-the-art facilities were the major attractions.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • What happens when you put together 45 intellectuals from 23 countries across the world? Pure magic. Cultures exchange, bonds developed for life, unforgettable experiences and continuous learning become a daily routine.
  • The quality of the interaction based teaching system at all partner universities always kept me looking- forward to every class or session and thereby extract maximum possible knowledge. The professors expected us to contribute actively to the class through discussions and presentations and this led us to thinking about avenues we had never explored into!
  • The alumni and industrial exposure from the program, its partner universities and organizations give us a confidence in stepping into the real world and making a career for ourselves out of our passions.

Who I am

I’m an Indian by nationality and global citizen by heart, having lived in over 8 cities until now (and I still have two semesters in two new cities left!) who loves to always sport a big warm smile, play and watch football, blog, travel and learn as much as possible through debate and dialogue.

My constant motto is to live a life that will be remembered and to leave a name behind that will go down in history books as nothing short of legendary. Someone truly said “You only achieve as much as you dream”.

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