My choice

IMIM Program has attracted me a lot due to its academic curriculum, global network, and promising objectives. First, I definitely remember the objective of IMIM Program which is to equip the students with comprehensive curriculum so that students can pursue career opportunities as future manager. Moreover, I have a dream to become manager at very young age so that I can achieve top management level, hopefully CEO, at the age of 40.

Second, I believe that I have strong global network after I had graduated from IMIM Program. I felt so blessed that I can study together 32 students from 22 nationalities around the world. Third, I have passion in luxury management in which MIP Politecnico di Milano has strong expertise in it. Moreover, I chose to stay in Italy for 3rd Semester to deepen my expertise on luxury management and new product development. Hence, these three factors definitely made me to choose MIP Politecnico di Milano as a perfect place to pursue your Master Program

Main takeaways from the Master

  • The program equips us with comprehensive skills ranging from analytical to soft skills to become good manager in the future.
  • The curriculum teaches us to become flexible person with international mindset.
  • Multiple career opportunities and brighter future ahead will be waiting for you once you graduate from this program.

Who I am

I’m: people-oriented, persuasive, highly confident, hard-working, humble, and very positive person. I really enjoy travelling, eating, singing, learning new language, and observing luxury things. My personal motto is “always give your best whenever you can”.

If you always do the best, I believe you will have brighter future ahead. In addition, I’m truly inspired by Abraham Lincoln’s quotation that says: “If you want to predict your future, you have to create it”.

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