My choice

As someone coming from business and consulting background, I often heard my colleagues as well as clients talking about big data and how to extract meaningful insight from it. However, few people understand the true meaning of big data, not to mention the approach or methodology to analyze that. Realizing that big data will become the fundamental needs that define the success of any business in the future, I made up my mind to pursue master related to big data analytics. And I believe MIP Graduate School of Business is the perfect place since among few universities that offer master in big data, it is well-acknowledge both from technical and business domain.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • Extensive case studies discussion, which lead to deeper understanding on the practical application.
  • The ideal class size numbers that drive positive environment for student-lecturer interaction.
  • The mix of people from business and technical background that enable faster knowledge exchange.

Who I am

Experienced process improvement practitioners with Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt certification, and excellence team leader in numbers of improvement project across functions. Best known for delivery excellence in development and implementation of business process modeling, operation excellence, change management and project management office at leading firms. In my spare time, I love to travel to experience new culture and to do coaching to share knowledge while get to learn new things from others as well.

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