My choice

I have decided to start an MBA because I believe that with the progress of technology, lifelong learning matters more than ever and it is fundamental to creating strong professionals and companies. MIP has been the perfect choice for expanding my skill set and adding value to my career because of the constructive discussions with highly skilled professors and the clever structure of the program that fueled a better performance at work, as well as innovation and an exchange of ideas.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • Build and improve social awareness skills.
  • Give direct and constructive feedback.
  • Aim for the heart of the problem and choose the right tactics to execute.

Who I am

I am a mother, a worker, a traveler and a sport lover. I have a passion for continuous learning and am truly interested in people, ideas, experiences and life. I love to take up new challenges and open new doors, helping and inspiring others, to grow and to give.

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