My choice

I have chosen MIP because I trust the preparation offered by Politecnico di Milano, as I had the chance to have some of its faculty members as professors during my BSc & MSc.

I am still convinced that content is the main deliverable in any job and that is why I decided to focus on MIP.

Main takeaways from the MBA

  • Business is an ecosystem with its equilibrium, you need to have an overall idea of it to understand where the effect of any action is going to have an impact.
  • It is a must to understand the environment surrounding a business and the implication the same has on the day-to-day operations.
  • Proper financing of businesses and transactions can deliver value to shareholders. It is key to have a general view of how the financial structure of major operations is designed.

Who I am

A generalist production engineer, with working experience in Italy (2 years), Romania (3.5 years) and UK (3.5 years). I have worked in steel manufacturing, IT industry, management consulting and M&A consulting tackling and solving a number of operational and strategic problems across a multitude of industry.

I like to challenge myself and proactively zoom in and out of industries and problems to constantly improve myself and my deliverables.

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