My choice

Back in 2013 I was a consultant following a project in automotive industry where I was collaborating with many supply chain professionals. This experience inspired me to specialize and pursue a career into this function, hence the decision to join MSCPM in MIP came naturally.

The chance to be in an international environment in two renowned European business schools as well as being part of an effective educational program providing complete and deep overview of the best practices, advanced expertise and last trends of the supply chain and purchasing are only few of the reasons why I joined MIP.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • Globalization
    Interaction and collaboration with worldwide stakeholders are nowadays integrated part of any work life. An international master surely prepares you to cope with the increasing demand of being global. In fact, participating in a class composed by fifteen nationalities increases the ability to learn from different cultures.
  • Networking
    Being aware of conditions and changes of the surrounding environment is crucial for today’s success in business. MSCPM contributes to the professional network through dedicated sessions with professionals coming from the most appealing organizations and showing best practices in supply chain and procurement departments. In addition, MIP is providing support with a specific career service and partnership with multinational companies. Finally, through the Alumni channel you can easily stay in contact with your colleagues and be always updated about initiatives coming from the university.
  • Flexibility
    Currently, the companies are innovating faster than ever and higher degree of adaption is required to support growth. MSCPM enhances flexibility due to its nature: a dynamic experience in different countries across two universities compressed in one year, goals based on group assignments, collaboration with other cultures and background are the main levers to deal with change.

Who I am

28 years old management engineer from Italy pursuing a carrier as a procurement professional for automotive and white goods industries. Besides purchasing, I’m passionate about travelling, diving, surfing, cooking.

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