My choice

My choice was driven by the perfect combination of quantitative and qualitative approach to marketing that the master offers, together with the continual exposure to real business cases. And, of course, not forgetting the business school’s strong networking with global customer-centric companies.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • Capability to define strategically, design coherently and consistently a multichannel marketing campaign.
  • Ability to manage conflicts and different points of view within a a multicultural team.
  • The importance of proving your value by quantifying the results you have accomplished

Who I am

I am half American, half French but I was born in Milan. I am an open-minded and optimistic person. My network defines me as an authentic, motivated, “life-loving” person.

The main ingredient I put in my daily life is energy.

Positively inspiring people around me, constitute my every-day mission. I spend most of my time observing everything that surrounds me, discussing and analyzing key social, economic, technological and sport issues.
I am always excited about the future, that’s the reason why I find fascinating undergoing new and rich experiences every day.

Personal quote “Never forget to feed your passions and thoughts”.

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