My choice

I was looking for a Master degree program which specializes in luxury fashion.

In particular, I was interested in business side of fashion and luxury management. This program was a perfect match with my interests and offered a well-rounded curriculum that covered in-depth topics across the full spectrum of luxury fashion management. Moreover, it was important for me to enroll in a highly competitive program with a superior value.

Furthermore, I was looking for inspiration and business mindset that would enable me to explore new business opportunities and generate new creative ideas. Finally, I sought to make new friends and create an international network of classmates and alumni.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • Network building and deeper understanding of luxury brand management.
  • How supply chain and quality management is important for luxury brands.
  • Knowledge on management accounting and training to be able to understand financial statement.

Who I am

Prior to joining the program, I worked at major fashion brands in Japan. During the program I helped to launch a new private luxury brand focused on custom-made kimono dress. My final project developed a business plan for promoting and commercializing traditional Japanese crafts.

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