My choice

The program was perfect match with my educational and career plans, strongly focusing on how to introduce and manage innovations in a rapidly changing world and aimed at nurturing advanced entrepreneurs and innovative leaders. It offered a broader market perspective and stimulated networking and interacting with different business environments across European locations.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • Invest in experience and never lose your appetite for knowledge.
  • Embrace growth-mindset, believing that through effort, continuous learning and hard work you can develop your talents and abilities to effectively overcome natural ability.
  • If you want to enjoy every moment like never before, you should come to Italy.

Who I am

I am purpose-driven challenger with Mantra for Excellence and Happiness, believing that efforts and positive attitude will fulfill your dreams. After 5 years working in commercial bank I made a radical pivot, and changed my career path joining a team of true innovators in a fintech startup.

Swanest is an online investment service using automation & algorithms to empower self-directed investors in building and managing personalised portfolios. I am happy to be part of the fintech movement disrupting financial industry and changing the concept of financial services.

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