My choice

With a professional background in online marketing and undergraduate studies in public relations and communications, I decided to specialize on the luxury industry, where if you ask me, the excellence of branding is lived on a daily basis.

The double degree programme in International Luxury Management (IMLUX) gives you the opportunity to gain solid and specific know how on the peculiarities of the industry. If you want to succeed in the luxury industry it is crucial to understand its exceptional rules and the peculiar framework, which can be found throughout the whole value chain and is often contradictory to general conditions in most other industries.

The programme gave me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge about the different disciplines and to see the bigger picture of the luxury industry, which is still useful in my everyday working life. The diverse background of students in the programme promises to prepare you to work in an international environment.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • Specific rules – Broad knowledge about the peculiarities and specific rules to apply in the luxury industry compared to other industries.
  • Putting theory into practice – Implementation of strategic and theoretical know how through practical areas of implementation.
  • Evolve – Evolve constantly. This means learn as much as you can at all times. Challenge and question yourself. Be passionate about what you do and believe in yourself. Work hard and fight for what you believe in.

Who I am

Born in Luxembourg, where I grew up to become a curious, open-minded and enthusiastic person, I started at a young age to develop a great interest in the building of strong brand identities, in the maintaining of their reputation as well as in the appeal and effects they have on consumers.

Driven by this interest, I graduated in public relations and communications and later on specialized on the luxury industry during the master programme at MIP in International Luxury Management.  

With my passion for the luxury industry and my professional background in marketing with a strong focus on digital activities, I am currently in charge of the overall digital strategy and of the digital team of a Swiss luxury house in the haute joaillerie and haute horlogerie sector.

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