My choice

Located in the heart of Europe, MIP is leading the progress of management with global perspective of sustainability and innovation. But academics is only half of what I can get here, MIP has provided me a huge network of professionals working in reputed companies and industries looking for young talents with diversified cultural backgrounds.

I believe it is a good starting point of my professional career internationally in a manufacturing and/or technologically oriented company as the IMIM program provides a good mix of technical and managerial skills.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • Practical understanding of supply chain and industrial operations.
  • Professional Network and industrial opportunities through career services.
  • Confidence and global perspective to work anywhere in the world.

Who I am

Fakhar Zaman, Mechanical engineer from Pakistan, I am shifting my career from pure mechanical to industrial management through huge cultural absorption across Europe. I was working in the Middle East and I joined MIP to become a perfect fit for leading companies where I can be part of big change. It wasn’t possible with just an engineering approach as I believe managers with an engineering background are the best ingredient for international companies today.

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