My choice

In a world where we must apply and fill up a form for every option out there, I must say IMIM13 is not only my choice but I am also IMIM13’s choice. I chose this program mainly because of the universities and the courses that each of them offer. The cultural diversity and the different scientific backgrounds experienced in one classroom brought curiosity to my mind and convinced me to enroll.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • The broad network of 44 new colleagues from different scientific background and 23 nations. Every person represents a story, stories that are worth sharing and knowing about. It has helped me open my mind and see the world in a whole new perspective, something I doubt any other master would have given me.
  • The opportunity to study in three of the most prestigious universities in the world. In my case, this opportunity represents a privilege and I’m honored to be part of such institutions.
  • The ability to adapt to any environment. Moving from Asuncion to Madrid to Milan to Munich in one year requires quite some skills, most of which are not taught in class.

Who I am

I am a happy and free- spirited person, but behind the smiles and the laughs is an optimist dreamer. I believe that hard-work, consistency and grit are the main tools to achieve great things.
I was born in the heart of South America, where I graduated and worked as an industrial engineer. This gave me my superpower, optimism and the hope of knowing that it will always get better, that’s what industrial engineers do. We are here not to change the world, but to improve it!

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