My choice

In 2009 I took a decision that I want to get an MBA degree. As far as there were no appropriate options in Moscow, I’d started to check international programs. The knowledge of the Italian language and love for the country had determined my choice.

MIP was providing an international program with two diplomas. I could not pass up the chance to be among the creative and innovative thinking people from all over the world. It was not only about a degree, but also self improvement and new level of communications.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • Manage your energy and not time.
  • Always take into account different perception of other people.
  • Completely new experience and a great chance to spend more than 1 year in my favourite country.

Who I am

Eternal optimist in pursuit of my dreams.
My first degree is Corporate and Government management.
I have experience in IT, consumer goods, fashion and cosmetics industry.
My life is a long way made of travelling, moving forward, self-development and growing.
The current goal is to align the job and the hobby.

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