My choice

I chose the IMIM program because it was a perfect mix of academic excellence and cultural diversity.

Prior to joining IMIM, I competed another Erasmus + Master’s program, Food Innovation and Product Design; a program designed for food specialists under a mobility rule in 3 EU countries. Upon graduation, I wanted to complement my skills in the field of management without losing the multicultural surroundings in European context. Therefore, IMIM was the perfect match.

Throughout the 2-year journey, IMIM provided exactly what I needed. I had to move, push, and look for a way to rethink what we were doing – both academically and culturally. It was stressful yet wonderful, and extremely rewarding. Overall? Worth a go!

Main takeaways from the Master

  • Ability to think outside of the box to bring new perspectives to the status quo.
  • Capability to adapt to constant stream of changes.
  • Appreciation of cultural diversity thanks to my fellows of 21 nationalities, who have been the doors to another culture and couches to crash on!

Who I am

I’m a “comelona” from Seoul, South Korea who love to try new food and expand palate. I’ve got a strong faith in food as it links everyone and crosses borders without a passport. I find insights in the supermarket, art galleries and streets in every corner of the world.

Currently, I work as a business analyst with a special focus on F&B industry. I am into new food business creation, long-term consumption trends and evolving channel dynamics driven by technological advancement.

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