My choice

Having clear in mind that I wanted to study an MBA, that I wanted to do it abroad, in an international school, and that I wanted to improve my Italian, MIP MBA was a perfect option for me.

Main takeaways from the MBA

  • Team working. Working with people from different countries and with different backgrounds was a perfect training for my job in a multinational company.
  • Skills improvement. Above all presentation and communication skills.
  • Network (and not only professional): students, staff, teachers, guests, Project Work colleagues… all of them still in my contact book!

Who I am

Industrial engineer that has mostly worked as a Purchasing Manager in 2 very different companies.

Before the MBA I had been working in a small family company and after it I had the chance to change to a big multinational in my city, Barcelona.

Married to an Italian engineer -thanks also to the MBA- and mom of one girl, I鈥檓 always looking for new experiences that help me to improve both from a personal and professional point of view

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