My choice

When I finished my degree, I found myself in a huge dilemma. I could go deeper in my field, learning more and more technical knowledge, or I could study a horizontal program and gain managerial and soft skills, with the possibility of working in other sectors. I chose IMIM because I consider better to develop a mixed of capabilities than to only know engineering skills and, so far, I am glad of having taken that decision.

Furthermore, I realised it was a unique experience to live in at least 3 countries, since the program it is developed in 4 different countries.

Finally, it is a program bespoked for engineers. Although we all came from different fields of engineering, we have similar technical capabilities and knowledge, so it is easier to design the program in this way than having students from completely non-related fields.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • When you are in the same class with 45 people from 23 countries, definitely you grow as a person. I think variety of cultures is what makes IMIM a special program and, in such a globalized world, the chance to collaborate with people coming from all over the world with diverse backgrounds and origins is paramount.
  • The cross-functionality of the program. I have been able to change my career from pure aerospace sector to industrial management, which encompasses my specialization as well, and broadens my job prospects by having transversal capabilities.
  • Lastly, the networking that provides the IMIM Program, not only from classmates, alumni and professors, but above all, from partner companies that work closely with universities, from almost every industrial sector.

Who I am

I’m a Spanish Aerospace Engineer, currently studying the International Master in Industrial Management (IMIM) at MIP. I am dynamic, easy-going and I’m always seeking for new and exciting experiences, and so, I love travelling and meeting new people.

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