My choice

After a few years abroad I felt the interest to work in a diverse and dynamic environment. I understood the essentiality of internationalization and a global mind-set to be competitive in today’s business world. The International Master in Industrial Management (IMIM) was, therefore, a perfect fit for my need.

It complemented my mechanical engineering background with business skills and boosted my experience thanks to the opportunity to live in three different countries.

My master thesis is written in the topic of agile project management at a multinational technology company. The opportunity allows me to participate in a project and gain valuable insights for my future career.

Main takeaways from the Master

  • The importance of understanding the value creation process and adopting a holistic view of business functions.
  • The importance of understanding other cultures, and to be open-minded and adaptable.
  • Embracing change. With an increasing pace of technological change you need to be agile and understand what is required for your business to be in front of the competition.

Who I am

I am a curious and creative swede from Stockholm with a background in mechanical engineering specialized in product design and innovation. As many of my fellow friends at IMIM, I have previous international experiences, and I love travelling and facing new challenges.

My core professional interests include innovation in product development, strategy and business models.

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